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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How much would you pay to be a part of my wedding?

My friend, Sara, just introduced me via Facebook to a Bengals football fan who is auctioning off his allegiance to the team. The highest bidder will determine what team the guys gotta root for. Right now, he's going for $631.

Check it out.

This has got to me the smartest thing I've ever heard of.

So, I was thinking... dangerous I know... and my mother will probably kill me...

Should I attempt auctioning off an invitation to my wedding? A spot in my wedding party? Someone to do a reading at the ceremony?

I've developed a list of pros and cons to help me make my decision:

1. If someone were to pay a large sum of money to attend/be a part of my wedding, it would certainly help with the costs
2. Any person who is willing to pay a large sum of money to attend a wedding probably has a good amount of money - it pays to have rich friends
3. This idea would have potential to get some press - and with press comes connections - and connections are always a positive
4. A story to remember for the rest of our lives, indeed, and our friends will tell their friends who will tell their friends who will tell their friends - we'll become legendary
5. We may need another groomsmen

1. This person could be absolutely crazy and ruin my entire wedding - maybe even a psycho-killer, like the ones off of Criminal Minds
2. This person could just be trying to pick up a date, which would be dangerous for all of our single friends (although this could go both ways - maybe we needs some singles at the wedding?)

There seem to be more pros than cons... hmm... what do you think?


  1. that's pretty awesome.

    and I'm going to re-post it.

  2. I think it's a pretty good idea

  3. Check it -